Bring a Doula Contract Writing Workshop to Your Town

I’m ready to hit the road!

For the past two years, I’ve been merging my legal research background with my nearly ten years of doula experience to help other doulas write strong contracts.

Contract Writing for Doulas

I feel passionately that this is an under-appreciated component of having a safe, healthy doula practice that can withstand the ebbs and flows of this sometimes tricky business. Doula trainings vary a good deal in what they provide to their students, but overall, they seem to (rightly) focus primarily on the points of birth and postpartum support and often leave off fundamental concerns around starting and maintaining a small business.

While there is only so much time in a training and so much to cover, this is especially troubling to me because women’s work and women and definitely WTF/POC/queer/non-binary business owners are all too often taken advantage of, underpaid, undervalued, and asked to go so far beyond the normal means and requirements just to make it. In fact, the majority of the doulas I’ve worked with thus far have been folks where English is their second language and they are tired of being asked to work longer hours for less pay and/or are running into situations where families feel that they can just cut services sooner than expected without a concern for how this is a person’s livelihood. Too many doulas are put into this difficult situation after forming bonds in this intimate and vulnerable period with parents and the infants in their care. I feel I have a unique ability to help more doulas protect themselves from being put into these positions with my combined legal and doula experiences.

All doulas — whether you’ve been practicing for decades or are just starting out — could use a review of the basics of contract writing as access and usage of doulas increases. By workshopping together with doulas from all sorts of backgrounds and experience under the guidance of someone who has studied law and practiced as a doula in many states/communities, we can help set industry standards in our communities to better support and protect one another. These workshops are open and collaborative and specific to the particular city they’re in.

This class and individual editing services are intentionally affordable and at least one spot is reserved for a no-fee/full trade/sliding scale doula to attend. I’d love to come to your area or teach a virtual workshop, so please reach out to me if you feel that your doula group, agency, collective, or city could use this workshop! Rates are listed on my services page and are negotiable to a point.