Sample Template for Testimonials

I’ve had several doulas inquire about my template for Testimonial Requests, so here it is. I tweak them slightly depending on the service and how close I had gotten to the client.

Hello [NAME],

Thank you so much for using Rosewood Reproductive Health Consulting. Much of the work in the birth community is obtained through word of mouth. It’s very likely we connected through other doulas or former clients. What a beautiful bit of community building, right!?! 

If you enjoyed working with me and felt I provided something valuable to your doula business or growing family, I’d sincerely appreciate you taking a few moments to leave a review. This helps let others know what services I provide, my style of education and care so they can see if I’m a good fit, and drives organic traffic to my site. And if there are things I need to work on, I am open to that feedback directly or through a review, too. 

There are some easy ways to give me feedback :

  • If you fancy writing a few lines about my services in an email, feel free to reply to this message with your thoughts and whether or not you want me to share them. Testimonials like this make great infographics. 

  • I have a profile on where you can leave feedback. I do not have access to change or remove any testimonial on that site. 

  • I’m not on Facebook much, but you are welcome to leave a review on the Rosewood business page there. You can also help repost things about my services via Instagram, if you're into that. 

  • If you used my contract writing services or attended a Rosewood doula training, please feel free to leave an endorsement on LinkedIn.

  • Tell your friends! This is the #1 way I get new contracts. Organic and honest referrals help keep my services accessible, affordable, and genuine. 

It was a pleasure working with you and I hope you feel the same. Please don’t hesitate to keep in touch as your family / business grows.