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Virtual Class - Peer Review

What is Peer Review? Why do Doulas need it? How do you get one started in your community if it doesn’t already exist?

Come to this virtual hang out to talk about how adding this to your community gatherings and doula group requirements can help you avoid burn out, learn from your co-workers, feel less isolated and scared about issues that arise in your practice, keep you better informed, gather references and referrals, and be a HUGE component of sustainable birth work.

I’ve started 2 doula groups in different communities, helped set up volunteer doula work at a busy hospital and a long-standing non-profit, helped with the structural support of a budding doula collective and a doula agency, and served on the Ethics Committee in the San Francisco Doula Group for several years. I’ve helped advocate and implement peer review gatherings in each setting and have seen how powerful they can be for creating stronger doula practices and community building.

This is a 1 hour virtual class via Zoom with a $20 per person buy-in.