Birth Doula

A doula is there to help support you through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum - to serve as your advocate and as an emotional support person. I can help you answer questions without rushing through an appointment or having you fit any standard of protocol, giving you customized individual care at any stage in the childbearing year. 

As a birth doula of nearly a decade of practice and a student midwife who has studied with experienced midwives from all over the world, I bring a patient, empathetic, open, and multifaceted approach to my client appointments. I truly believe that no birth is exactly alike and that by helping parents tap into their intuition and understanding of their bodies while linking it to global evidence-based research and traditional birth support, families can make the best possible decisions for themselves, no matter how "natural" or medical they may be. The goal is physiologically appropriate birth that leaves you empowered by the experience. 

Birth and early parenting are intense, exciting, trying, strange, wonderful, terrifying, beautiful, impactful times in anyone's life. I love being able to support and guide new families through these milestones. This is why for births I have three prenatal appointments and two postpartum appointments in addition the the initial interview, to ensure that there is a foundation of understanding and trust amongst us as well as care that is personalized, not set to some rigid guide that I can give in a short period of time. 

There is no time that is too soon or too late to hire a doula and I never reduced services if I work on a sliding scale. Each client gets the same level of care, regardless of birth plan, place of delivery, or fee. 

I love my work and hope my passion for supporting families in the childbearing year shows! Please call or email to set up an initial client interview. 

Birth Doula rates are based on place of birth or care provider as well as a number of other potential factors. In any package, services include: 

  • One cost-free, no obligation initial interview by phone or in person

  • Three prenatal visits lasting approximately 3 hours each / If you are planning your birth at home or at the birth center, we will meet twice for 2 hours and I will join you for the birth team meeting along with your midwives around week 36

  • Customized nutrition and birth plans

  • 24/7 On call for one month. Phone and email support

  • Joining you at home before transfer (if intended place of birth is outside of the home)

  • Full labor support

  • Two 1-hour postpartum visits within the first two weeks of baby’s arrival


Base Fee: $2200

Returning Client Fee: $1600

Full Package (10 months) Consultation Clients: $1200

Because there is more teamwork and education involved with your care under certain primary care providers, I offer a discounted base rates of $1700-1900 for clients working with :

  • Any homebirth midwife

  • Pacifica Birth Center midwives

  • San Francisco Birth Center midwives (will match their doula discount)

  • Golden Oak midwives (at Alta Bates hospital)

  • Lindy Johnson and associated midwives (at Alta Bates hospital)

  • Certain Family Practice doctors in Oakland and San Francisco


Please don't hesitate to ask about sliding scale and payment plan options. I have a self-reporting income form that can help jump-start that conversation and/or I will happily reach out to my community of awesome doulas to help you find a great fit within any budget.


Postpartum Doula

Being a first-time parent is tough stuff. There is so much information out there and it's hard to figure out who to trust, what style of parenting might fit your needs, and there's such a culture of anxiety and fear surrounding this process. It doesn't have to be that way!

I've been working with new families in some capacity for almost 15 years. In that time, I've observed arbitrary shifts in trends and gadgets and how much more fearful and expensive parenting has become. I came into this work hoping to help build confident, independent, strong parents of healthy and loving children. This starts at the process of conception, through pregnancy, and is deeply manifested in the first 12 weeks of your child's life. It's never too early to start thinking about how you can bring this new life into your family with ease and love while maintaining the core values of your life up to this point. 

Postpartum visits look differently, depending on the needs of the family, the needs of the day, and many other factors within the WIDE and ever changing range of normal through the fourth trimester. My style of care is to come in to each visit with an open mind about how the day might go and starting with an open discussion about what you are experiencing from day-to-day. We set goals together for the visit and for the week ahead according to what you need and what any primary providers (midwives, OBs, pediatricians, lactation consultants, etc.) are suggesting. From there, I might be caring for baby during a nap, standing over a hot cauldron of sitz bath herbs, cooking something, holding you while you cry and laugh through your birth story (of joy and triumph or anything else), talking about healthy sleep options, helping you connect with community resources, folding some laundry, helping your partner feel supported through their mode of support for you, laughing about baby farts, helping manage extended family expectations, and so on. 

My minimum package is 10 visits of 4 hours (daytime) @$45/hour or 8 visits of 8 hours (overnight) @$50/hour unless you are a continuing birth doula or consultation client. Continuing care clients receive 5% discount on the minimum package rate for either service. If you are planning to work with me and are not already a birth doula client or consultation client, there will be one mandatory 2 hour postpartum preparation session ($75) to go over your goals for parenting, some normal ins-and-outs of baby care, your expectations of me and my services, scheduling notes, and to get to know each other better.  

Clients hoping for care more than 3x week or who would like a mixture of daytime and overnight hours will work with me and another doula from my close circle of trusted doulas for any of the additional days. 


Please don't hesitate to ask about sliding scale and payment plan options. I have a self-reporting income form that can help jump-start that conversation and/or I will happily reach out to my community of awesome doulas to help you find a great fit within any budget. 


My service areas include : 

  • Oakland

  • San Francisco

  • Berkeley

I attend births at :

  • Any out-of-hospital location including at home and at SF Birth Center and Pacifica Birth Center

  • Kaiser Oakland

  • Kaiser SF

  • Alta Bates

  • UCSF Mission Bay

  • CPMC Mission Bernal

  • And with limited CPCM California Campus providers