Doula Trainings

Hosting = Free tuition!!! Email me at doula @ if you’re interested in bringing one or both of these workshops to New York City in April. Open to all boroughs.

Hosting = Free tuition!!! Email me at doula @ if you’re interested in bringing one or both of these workshops to New York City in April. Open to all boroughs.

Doula and Midwife Contract Editing and Writing

Private Consultations and Workshops

Just finished up a training and feeling lost as to how to begin your practice? Want a doula with nearly a decade of experience with a background in legal research to help you figure out your next steps? Are you an experienced doula who has been faced with a few too many frustrating hurdles? Wanting to shift your practice a bit? Want some guidance and overview of all of your business materials -- contracts, website, handouts -- to try and attract clients who better suit your practice style? 

One-on-one contract and basic business development consultations with Em include : 

  • 2 hours private consultation on fundamentals of drafting a contract and starting or improving your business, including: SEO tips, finding clients, costs of advertising, finding back up or partnering, forming a "brand," basic marketing skills, and staying true to your message.

  • Pre-review and edit of any existing documents

  • Email and phone follow ups after a newly drafted or edited contract has been made so you feel secure in whatever changes you've made

    Base Rates :

    Birth Doula Contract Edit $120

    Postpartum Doula Contract Edit $150

    Joint Contract Edits $175

    Birth Doula Contract Writing $200

    Postpartum Doula Contract Writing $250

    Multiple Written Doula Contracts $275

    Midwifery Contract Edits $250

    Additional Midwifery Form Edits $35-150 per item

    Birth Photography / Videography Contract, Copyright, and Release Package $350

    Additional form drafting, editing, and/or licensing $35-150 per item

    Additional hourly edits $45 per hour

    Contract Workshops $75-$100* per person

    Speaking Rate : $100 per hour + Travel expenses if outside Bay Area

Small groups (2-4 doulas) receive a discount of $10 per person to meet collectively with Em for this service. 

Doula Collective or Agency Build Outs

If you're interested in starting a collective and/or agency, Em can help you with your materials from top to bottom with :

  • Independent Contractor Contracts

  • Doula-to-Doula Contracts (for back up agreements, etc.)

  • Client-to-Collective Contracts

  • HIPPA Standards

  • Collective Requirements

  • Sliding Scale and Volunteer Forms

  • Client Educational Resources Form Editing

  • Editing of Mission Statements and other existing materials

  • Intake Forms

Rate : $850

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Small Group Contract Services

Do you run a doula group or training program and want to host me for a virtual or in-person workshop? So many amazing organizations and professional doula networks do a great deal to ready doulas for their roles as educators and support persons in birth and early parenting, but often have to rush through some business guidance and especially contract writing information. Em can come to your group, training, or do a virtual lecture on the basics of contract writing and solid business practices that keep both the doula and the client protected and in good communication from the start.