Birth Worker Contracts

Doula and Midwife Contract Editing and Writing

Private Consultations

Just finished up a training and feeling lost as to how to begin your practice? Are you an experienced doula who has been faced with a few too many frustrating hurdles? Wanting to shift your practice a bit? Want some guidance and overview of all of your business materials -- doula contracts, website, handouts -- to try and attract clients who better suit your practice style? Want a doula with nearly a decade of experience with a background in legal research to help you figure out your next steps?

One-on-one contract and basic business development consultations with Em include : 

  • 2 hours private consultation on fundamentals of drafting a contract and starting or improving your business, including: SEO tips, finding clients, costs of advertising, finding back up or partnering, forming a "brand," basic marketing skills, and staying true to your message.

  • Pre-review and edit of any existing documents

    • Email and phone follow ups after a newly drafted or edited contract has been made so you feel secure in whatever changes you've made

      Base Rates :

      Birth Doula Contract Edit $120

      Postpartum Doula Contract Edit $150

      Joint Contract Edits $175

      Intake Forms $50 per

      Doula-to-Doula contracts $75 per

      Birth Photography / Videography Contract, Copyright, and Release Package $350

      Additional form drafting, editing, and/or licensing $35-150 per item

      Additional hourly edits $45 per hour

      Small groups (2-4 doulas) receive a discount of $10 per person to meet collectively with Em for this service. 

Business Buildout with Web and Contracts

Over the past two years of helping doulas, midwives, birth photographers, abortion doulas, prenatal yoga instructors, lactation educators, placenta encapsulators, nutritionists, and healers draft and edit their contracts, I’ve been getting more and more questions around web presence, SEO, and social site etiquette. It’s dawned on me that in addition to leaving doulas a bit in the woods about doula contracts and business building, most doula trainings also aren’t focusing on the changing digital landscape and how it influences both how clients find us and how we interact with our wider community. I know for myself, personally, most of my initial potential clients mention the clarity and information in my website as being one of the primary draws to my business above some of my colleagues and co-workers across disciplines around birth work and wellness are often reaching out to me based on my web and social content. I want to help other wellness providers generate the same organic and honest influence.

Additionally, since birth workers so often wear multiple hats, web and social platforms can be a great tool to gather supplemental income and create more sustainable businesses. We can use the web to create passive income, to draw attention to our wider events and workshops, and give a sense of ourselves and our work to a wider audience of like-minded practitioners who with some networking work, can help build and expand our target audiences and share the burden of this very word-of-mouth referral industry.

I always ask my private consult clients to send me their web information. I use it as a way to get to know them more and influence how I direct their edits and full contracts. I’ve seen a range of things floating out there and have gathered some opinions on how these areas of their professional life could be neater, more streamlined, more productive. Unfortunately, I find I’m cramming so much into the 2 hours we chat just about contracts that I rarely get as much time to talk about how this all works together.

And thus this package was born.

Now separate from or in addition to my standard contract consultations, I will help you create a fully streamlined web and tangible presence from social content, to blog post ideas, to what to include in your website bio to stand out, how to use your web presence and your professional documents to attract clients better in line with your philosophy of care, even create design and text content if you want. Many wellness care providers want to be doing the healing and educating part of their calling and not spend tons of their non-billable hours tinkering with their website and social platforms. An initial investment in one of these services can create a platform for you to have organic interest in your work — both from colleagues and potential clients — and free up more of your time to enjoy your professional and social life.

This is for any doula, birth worker, postpartum care provider, or freelance wellness provider/healer at any stage of their career and can be accessed a number of ways.

To add to a contract consult : 1 extra hour focused solely on web content, design ideas, and social networking +$100

Web and Social Consult alone : 2 hours private consult $250 with a written follow up plan and sample content creation to get you started.

Hiring me to do design, posting, ghost writing, etc. to build your web presence : Initial 2 hour consultation to go over goals and plan, written plan / service agreement, weekly check-ins, fully designed media kit, template email content and graphics creation, hashtag generation, and regular social content creation and posting $1,000 a month (one time or continuing available).

Market engagement, web editing, content creation : $25 per hour with a 4 hour minimum buy in.

Contract Writing Workshops

I’ve been combining my background in legal research with my decade of birth work experience in several states and abroad to offer private consultations and workshops on contract writing to doulas and midwives for the past two years.

I start with the basics and bare bones of making a contract to demystify the process then branch out into role playing and Q&A style workshopping so that the attendees get to hear what’s relevant to their specific community. Some covered topics include :

  • Cancellation vs termination

  • Scope of Practice basics

  • Setting rates and taking payments

  • Writing different contracts for different services

  • Branding and consistency across printed and web material

  • Wording liability protection

  • Doula-to-Doula contracts

  • HIPPA basics, intake forms, and note taking protections

  • Copyright basics and web presence

This class is great for birth and postpartum doulas, newer midwives, and birth workers who are also birth photographers/yoga instructors/herbalists/nannies/doulas who travel with families/etc.

Doula Contract Workshops $75 pp for Bay Area, $85-$100 pp traveling

Speaking Rate : $100 per hour + Travel expenses if outside Bay Area

Why Take a Doula Contract Writing Workshop?

Beyond understanding the basic dynamics of birth work, it is important to understand that being a doula, midwife, or nanny is not a hobby, but a career. It's often a challenging profession with loads of gray areas around scheduling, payments, scope of practice, HIPPA regulations and confidentiality, working in people's homes, caring for a family in a physical and emotional capacity as well as keeping our own physical and spiritual being protected.

It is for these reasons and more that it is crucial to have a solid contract for all of our clients. And this goes into the many roles and services birth workers may play, including birth photography, nutrition, herbal medicinals, massage, breastfeeding support, and so on that all require separate liability and commitment.

Giving attention to these details in writing your contracts can help save you an enormous amount of stress and money, no matter where you are in your career. Come learn from a long-time doula and legal researcher some tips on how to create a solid foundation for your business through your contracts.

Doula Collective or Agency Build Outs

If you're interested in starting a collective and/or agency, Em can help you with your materials from top to bottom with :

  • Independent Contractor Contracts

  • Doula-to-Doula Contracts (for back up agreements, etc.)

  • Client-to-Collective Contracts

  • HIPPA Standards

  • Collective Requirements

  • Sliding Scale and Volunteer Forms

  • Client Educational Resources Form Editing

  • Editing of Mission Statements and other existing materials

  • Intake Forms

  • Web and Social Presence

Rate : $1000

Small Group Contract Services

Do you run a doula group or training program and want to host me for a virtual or in-person workshop? So many amazing organizations and professional doula networks do a great deal to ready doulas for their roles as educators and support persons in birth and early parenting, but often have to rush through some business guidance and especially contract writing information. Em can come to your group, training, or do a virtual lecture on the basics of contract writing and solid business practices that keep both the doula and the client protected and in good communication from the start. 

Infant Sleep Basics for Doulas

More than ever, families are hearing about sleep training (the good, the bad, and the ugly) even far before baby arrives and so much of the information they’re getting is shallow and fear-based. This class instead focuses on anxiety-reduction through reconnecting with parent intuition while still providing some guidelines for what is typical/”normal” in infant biology.

This class covers the physiological basics of infant sleep patterns, normal ranges of expectations around family sleep, how to find quality resources about sleep to share with clients, a basic rundown of “sleep training” and how to approach the questions and concerns parents have around the subject, and overall how to reduce fear and stress around this topic with those we serve.

There’s an emphasis on appropriate harm reduction and thoughtful communication around this sometimes challenging topic. I’ve been teaching this class with Cornerstone for the past several months now and I’m excited to expand the network of doulas I can reach. 

The full workshop is 3 hours long with access to slides and printed materials taught in various locations throughout the year. Reach out if you want to bring this class to your area! Hosts receive a discount of 50-100% off the tuition fee.

Want to bring me to your doula group meeting? My speaker fee is $100/hr and I’m happy to do a presentation on Infant Sleep Basics for your group and stay for a Q&A.