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ATTN : I am currently looking for an assistant!

Hello community,

I have gotten to the point in my work where I need an assistant. I have some exciting projects I’m working on and am swamped with trying to juggle daily client interactions and my to-do list for moving forward with some goals and now I’m behind in everything. I’m taking a sabbatical from traditional doula work to get this program rolling and shift the bulk of my work. Please check out my website to get a feel for what I am doing and see if you’re interested in being apart of my expansion.

I have a broader goal of helping to increase the professionalism of the doula and midwifery careers, including standardization of scope in our local communities and beyond. I feel passionate about doulas and midwives not losing the heart of our work while decreasing the levels of burn out, compassion fatigue, and lack of respect for the work we do.

It’s important that I work with someone who is a clear, direct, open communicator. I am a type-A, East Coaster with a legal research background and want to work with someone who will take this work seriously, not just as a means to make a little extra income in the coming months or who can’t actually spare the time to focus together on this end goal. Though this work is a calling and one of compassion, our profession is already not taken seriously enough, I don’t want to reinforce that. I expect honest and constructive edits and feedback during regular (once a week) check ins. I’ve tried collaborating in the recent past and had too many flakey interactions, so I’d like for this to be a more structured effort. This way, too, I can help you get more out of the time and effort you put in and hopefully contribute to your business goals as well.

Right now, I have set late May as my end point, so the workload will be dense, but short-term. There is some possibility that if we work well together, I’ll have occasional extra paid work for whomever takes this position.

Here’s a brief sampling the things I’m hoping to have some help with :

  • Editing handouts, intake forms, contracts, web text, and other professional communication

  • Creating and publishing social media content

  • Help with a filming project -- both shorter promo videos and a multi-part online course

  • Transferring written and graphic material to my website

  • Assistance with setting up a more sustainable email and scheduling system

  • Research around specific topics in doula/midwifery work and employment law

  • Finding locations for one-time and on-going workshops and events

  • Connecting with doula training and local doula organizations nationally to travel with my classes

  • Boring spreadsheet stuff (sorry...just actually need to get some more of this done)

~50-75 hours of work total

In exchange, I can offer :

  • I’m going to set a fixed payment amount of between $550-700, dependent on experience and level of availability to assist. If work increases during our contracted time, so will pay.

  • You will be able to take any class I offer through the year at no cost (Value of around +$500)

  • Complimentary contract consultation and as many edit sessions as you need

  • Lifetime license rights to any materials we create you can use in your own practice

  • Connections to the established birth and well woman communities through the Bay

  • Attending meetings and events at The Wing (great spot for networking) as my guest

  • Mentorship through your own new or growing practice through the year, including attending consultations (when clients support this) and helping with any major business goals you have for yourself

  • Additionally, if your doula style also matches, you may be able to get some extra doula work via referral since I won’t be taking on private clients in this time.

  • Hopefully, too, you will be able to learn from me and my nearly 10 years of experience in this field, running a successful and expanding practice.

The qualities I’m most looking for in an assistant are :

  • Direct communication style

    • I am a blunt communicator (mostly) and need someone who can just follow clear directions and ask clear, direct questions in response

  • Highly reliable and has 5-10 hours a week to work on allocated tasks

  • A generally discerning and practical nature

  • Basic organizational skills

  • Excellent grammar and writing skills

  • Strong research skills

  • Strong proofreading and visual / written editing eye

  • Self-starter

  • Office / assistant experience preferred, but not mandatory

  • Basic + technical abilities in

    • Social media

    • Email

    • Word/Powerpoint/Excel (or Google/Mac versions)

    • Canva image building

    • Squarespace

  • Experience with small event / workshop planning

  • Experience with iMovie and online course building platforms a major plus

I just relaunched components of my practice in August and am already being presented with more work than I can take on, so I’m hoping that this pace continues and it can provide my assistant with a lot of valuable skills, resources, and opportunities to take off on their own.

If you are interested, please fill out the form on my Contact Page to get the full application.

Looking forward to connecting!


Em Flynn

Doula Contract Editing and Writing

Private Consultations and Workshops

Just finished up a training and feeling lost as to how to begin your practice? Want a doula with nearly a decade of experience with a background in legal research to help you figure out your next steps? Are you an experienced doula who has been faced with a few too many frustrating hurdles? Wanting to shift your practice a bit? Want some guidance and overview of all of your business materials -- contracts, website, handouts -- to try and attract clients who better suit your practice style? 

One-on-one contract and basic business development consultations with Em include : 

doula contract writing
  • 2 hours private consultation on fundamentals of drafting a contract and starting or improving your business, including: SEO tips, finding clients, costs of advertising, finding back up or partnering, forming a "brand," basic marketing skills, and staying true to your message.

  • Pre-review and edit of any existing documents

  • Email and phone follow ups after a newly drafted or edited contract has been made so you feel secure in whatever changes you've made

Small groups (2-4 doulas) receive a discount of $10 per person to meet collectively with Em for this service. 

If you're interested in starting a collective and/or agency, Em can help you with your materials from top to bottom with :

  • Independent Contractor Contracts

  • Doula-to-Doula Contracts (for back up agreements, etc.)

  • Client-to-Collective Contracts

  • HIPPA Standards

  • Collective Requirements

  • Sliding Scale and Volunteer Forms

  • Client Educational Resources Form Editing

  • Editing of Mission Statements and other existing materials

Do you run a doula group or training program and want to host me for a virtual or in-person workshop? So many amazing organizations and professional doula networks do a great deal to ready doulas for their roles as educators and support persons in birth and early parenting, but often have to rush through some business guidance and especially contract writing information. Em can come to your group, training, or do a virtual lecture on the basics of contract writing and solid business practices that keep both the doula and the client protected and in good communication from the start.