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Looking to start or expand your doula practice? Finding it hard to spend enough time researching and composing quality handouts? I’ve done the work for you! Each of these documents are built from years of experience and hours and hours of research. Licensing rights are one time purchases that enable you to reprint or digitally copy these handouts for a lifetime.

Digital Contract Writing for Doulas Booklet

Contract Writing Booklet.png
Contract Writing Booklet.png
Contract Writing Booklet.png
Contract Writing Booklet.png

Digital Contract Writing for Doulas Booklet


Everything you need to know as a birth worker to build a solid contract, PLUS tips on :

  • Building a collective or agency

  • Starting a Peer Review

  • Copyrighting

  • HIPAA Codes

  • Doula Backup Contracts

…and more!

Buy the Doula Book

This booklet is a in-depth look at the process of creating a solid contract for your birth worker practice. It dives into the basics of creating the documents you need to share with your clients to set up positive expectations, terms of payment, cancellation policies, and more.

Beyond helping you have a more sustainable practice through your written contracts, this booklet goes further into how to form contracts between other doulas (for back up situations, forming partnerships, working with agencies, and more), HIPAA standards, setting up a Peer Review, and copyrighting your work.

Many doula trainings don’t cover the finer points of using this work as your primary source of income. Too often, doulas feel intimidated to tackle the formal language of signed documents or afraid that being firm in their terms will scare clients away. This book helps break down how easy it is to set terms that work for your unique practice and why doing so can build trust and avoid conflict in your client communications.

If you are a doula trainer and want a sample version of the book to potentially add to your recommended reading, please email me at to arrange your free preview.