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Looking to start or expand your doula practice? Finding it hard to spend enough time researching and composing quality handouts? I’ve done the work for you! Each of these documents are built from years of experience and hours and hours of research. Licensing rights are one time purchases that enable you to reprint or digitally copy these handouts for a lifetime.

Printed Contract Writing for Doulas Booklet

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Contract Writing Booklet.png

Printed Contract Writing for Doulas Booklet

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I want to share something exciting with you -- I’ve written a book aimed at supporting birth workers through creating effective contracts and want to share it with you. 

My expertise in this area started off organically -- I could interpret the labor laws, read the court documents, and had a comfort with formal legal language that felt intimidating to most doulas. When I realized how many doula trainings fall short in teaching doulas about the importance of contracts (let alone the process of creating them) I began reaching out to my colleagues to support them in this work. That grew to speaking at local doula groups over contract and internal disputes, which led to leading workshops specifically for contract writing. 

Over the past several months, this has become the primary focus of my business. In an effort to reach more birth workers-- whom we know need this information--I’ve written a book specifically for contract writing in our field! It’s a thorough, accessible, and low-cost resource for doulas at any stage in their careers to strengthen and grow their practices. As you can imagine, in addition to being a great individual resource for doulas, a guide like this has the potential to define our profession in a way that legitimizes our work, helping us to shift the public narrative on birth work as an unnecessary luxury (or an unnecessary risk).

The booklet is required reading for Cornerstone Doulas and part of the contract writing workshops through Natural Resources in SF. You can find it now in print as well as in digital format. It can be a great place to start for writing or revising your doula contracts no matter what stage of your career you are in. I go over things like:

  • Liability statements

  • Starting collectives

  • Minimum and Maximum arrangements

  • Setting positive expectations

  • Illness Clauses

  • Cancellation vs Termination

  • HIPAA guidelines

  • Copywriting

  • Peer Review

  • …and more

This is a nearly 40 page booklet that lays the groundwork for a more sustainable doula practice — solo or group. Suitable for birth and postpartum doulas, full spectrum doulas, starting midwives, placenta encapsulators, nannies, and more.