Be Inclusive

No one will be turned away from care without a compassionate referral. Sliding scale always an option. Will work with any body, any identity, any situation.

These services do not only apply to female-identifying folks. Every BODY deserves supportive, patient, respectful, individualized, full spectrum care for their health care needs. Everyone is welcome at Rosewood - ALWAYS. If we aren't the best fit for you, we can help you connect with care providers who might better suit your health needs. 

in recognition of your outstanding contribution of time, dedication, and expertise to the 2018 World Humanitarian Report. Your help has given countless people around the world a voice - the one thing they need most. (2).jpg

If you would like to fill out a self-reporting income intake form to start our conversation on sliding-scale and payment plan options, please include this request in your initial request. I will be happy to send that form over to you before we start and it will be part of our initial intake inquiry.