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Why work with Rosewood for Sleep Education or Sleep Adjustment Consultations?

My sessions definitely go deeper than any one book since they're tailored more toward what your family needs and the specific patterns of your baby. Most of the books focus on a one-size-fits-all idea of sleep training, which, in my experience, rarely works or only works after a fairly long struggle against what baby actually needs and can lead to an increase in stress, purchasing expensive and unnecessary items, and / or quickly turning to costly and sometimes inappropriate sleep coaching packages.

My session instead typically cover basics like :

  • The range of normal infant sleep patterns and how they change week-to-week

  • How infant digestion deeply affects sleep patterns (plus what you can and can't do to help)

  • Safe newborn sleep guidelines pulled from a wide range of sources

  • Setting up good daytime sleep to set the table for better overnight sleep

  • Teaching a tight swaddle and some positions/tricks for soothing that are effective for many babies

  • Discussing how overstimulation can set families up for a disastrous night

  • Helping families create their own system to make nighttime feeds and soothes shorter and less disruptive for everyone, making this less of a transition from doula covered nights to non-doula covered nights

  • How to find quality resources / research on newborn sleep and development and community resources

  • What props and gentle interventions work and which are a waste of money or are unsafe

Depending on what's going on in your particular family, we may cover all of these...some of these...there might be more information than this I can share or just one topic in this mix that we need to focus on for anything to work at all. That's the huge difference between relying on one book (and each book honestly will give you a different opinion and a different source of often not well researched data) versus having someone in your home observing your baby's sleep and having individual conversations with you about your parenting style and sleep needs.

Setting up realistic expectations about sleep and development early on doesn't necessarily make sleeping "easier" or longer faster, but the point is to give you options and confidence so that this important point in the first months of your baby's life and birth recovery (which lasts at least 3 months, too!) less stressful. It's giving families advice and tools rather than strict guidelines or just saving them for a few nights at a time.

Additionally, you'll get to touch base with me when things come up and change over the next 6 weeks after our sessions, which can be a HUGE help over starting to dig into the black hole of Google searches and opinion-based/fear-based blogs. It can be really helpful to know after a stressful night that you can text me in the morning to ask what's up and the information I give is specific to YOU not trying to sell you something or scare you. My clients (birth clients, postpartum clients, sleep training clients) all tell me that this is the best part of the package and is what keeps them referring me to their friends.

All children eventually learn how to put themselves back to sleep. What is really being pushed on parents here is the arbitrary social idea and/or judgment that the earlier the infant does not need intervention the better...and this concept is inappropriately used as a weapon often by false claims suggesting that if an infant or child cannot by some pre-determined age “self-soothe” it never will, or that something is either wrong with them, and is in need of repair, or that their parents are deficient (for not setting “boundaries”). Again, this is silly and offensive.
— Dr. James McKenna,

Gentle Infant Sleep Consulting

SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP! Every expectant parent is dreading the lack of sleep that occurs as your little one joins you after birth. Your friends, family, care providers, the dark hole of the internet…they all have opinions on how to get more of it, but here’s the thing, it’s mostly just opinions.

Open for Santa Cruz Newborn Sleep Coaching for the remainder of 2019.

Open for Santa Cruz Newborn Sleep Coaching for the remainder of 2019.

Rosewood offers sleep support and consultations that are based in evidence and the physiology of infant sleep, not on opinions or focused on selling things to desperate parents. This is a gentle, non cry-it-out educational resource that prepares expectant and new parents by giving them the tools to recognize normal sleep patterns, trouble shoot during those tricky days, keep couples sleeping in the same bed, maintain breastfeeding, lower stress, and hopefully cut out the need to ever have to “train” your baby.

I want to point out that I will NOT work with families looking for traditional sleep training until a baby is at least 4 months, likely not before 6 months, and not if the baby is not ready for some eating adjustments or showing signs of being able to self-soothe. I can offer in-home consultations to help you figure out these cues and expectations / milestones / tricks and tips well in advance (starting in pregnancy, even), but there is no “training” involved until baby is ready.

These consultations and classes are taught with the understanding that though there are “normal” sleep rhythms inherent in most newborns, the needs of all babies and families are different. Like all other Rosewood services, this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. In that vein, there are three different ways to access the sleep consultation services we offer:

Hourly Sleep Consultations

Hourly phone / virtual consults are $45 per hour with a recommended 2 hour minimum initial session that include an email follow up with resources and a write up of what we discuss.

There may be some options for add-ons like written plans, in person observations, etc.

These can be great when:

  • You are considering sleep training and want an open, frank, and personalized breakdown of your options and resources.

  • The dreaded 4 month sleep regression where you just need a dang doula to talk to to help you maybe feel a little less crazy.

  • Changes in toddler sleep patterns when there is a new sibling.

  • Are looking to come up with a plan / system to get all care providers and family members on the same page with sleep and sleep routines.

  • You are curious / concerned about “safe” sleep options.

  • Considering the difference between daytime and overnight doula support.

  • Suspect that there might be some digestive and / or developmental changes that can be affecting sleep.

  • You feel overwhelmed with the books and online resources all saying something different and don’t know where to turn.

  • Just need to vent and filter your questions and concerns without making a larger and pricer commitment.

Sleep Education Package

Private consultations can be arranged in pregnancy (ideal) or in the first four months of your baby’s life. This package includes :

  • Two 2-hour daytime hour sessions to go over infant sleep basics for daytime and overnight sleep education

  • Email/phone/text support for 6 weeks

  • Written sleep guidelines + shared resources to help guide you through the first 6 months

  • Support finding an overnight doula/doula team that is a great fit for your family

  • Keeping you, your overnight doula, and anyone else helping with care taking all on the same foot with sleep plans and goals

This package is $350 online or in person.

Hourly consults can be arranged (virtually or in-person) in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and surrounding cities for $45 an hour separate to any package or as an add-on.

Traditional Sleep Consultation Service Package

So little bub is just not sleeping and you’re at the end of your rope. This package is for you, tired parents.

I’ll come join you in the daytime hours for 2 two-hour sessions — once at the beginning and another about a week later — to go over sleep basics and get a sense of your concerns and needs.

Additionally, I’ll spend a total of one 4 hour daytime nap visit and three nights with your family, divided between 2 weeks to help further assess parent and baby needs and to help implement any agreed upon sleep skills.

THIS IS NOT A CRY IT OUT SLEEP TRAINING PROGRAM. This is a way to access informed and evidence-based knowledge and to get some much needed hands-on support in transitioning everyone toward healthier sleep habits. This is for babies at least 4 months old up to 18 months.

The total for this package is $2,000.

Adjusted packages can be arranged with more or fewer observation nights, when scheduling and needs allow.

Additional overnight support might be added at the normal overnight doula rate with the standard 5% discount for the first 32 hours for continuing clients based on availability.

**Currently available for Gentle Newborn Sleep Coaching in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and surrounding cities through 2019.

New Parent Group or Event Speaking

Bring me to your pregnancy or new parent group. If you are hanging out with expectant and new parents, it’s very likely the issue of sleep and sleep training has emerged. You’ll get a condensed version of my course with ample time for Q&A for $100 an hour (up to 10 participants, after that the minimum booking is 2 hours). Getting a few friends together and bringing this course to your home or wherever you gather is a great way to access this knowledge, learn from other parents, get a sense of the bigger consultation options, and save a ton of money. These can be done virtually, as well, with a $20 per participant buy-in for Zoom conferences.

New and Expectant Parent Sleep Hand Outs

Coming Soon Infant Sleep Basic handouts can be purchased through my Documents Page.

Infant Sleep Basics for Doulas

I also educate doulas and doula groups on infant sleep basics and working with families on safe and realistic sleep expectations, how to work in partnership to make sure everyone is on the same page and is safe and sleeping better, building overnight work into your practice, and avoiding burn out. Rates dependent on size of group and length of meeting time, so please reach out. I can speak to your group virtually or in person and this can be added to any postpartum doula training program already in place.


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