Nanny Contracts

I once had a dad I worked for as a nanny remark to me, “Wow, I can’t believe that childcare costs so much. It can cost someone’s whole salary.” and I thought, “Yeah, mine.”

This family turned out to be wonderful to work for and taught me a lot about being an in-home care provider in such an intimate and important, but BUSINESS relationship. I met once every three months at a coffee shop with the mom to go over how the job was going, if anything needed to change on either of our ends, if I was finding a good balance between my midwifery training and nannying, upcoming vacations and holidays, and if I should get a raise. It turned my hesitance in taking another nanny job at all into something I did full time for almost three years. Beyond loving this little boy with all my heart and caring deeply about his whole family, I felt respected as a care provider and was given the space and the financial stability to meet some important career goals I had.

Sadly, this is not the standard dynamic for nannies and the families they care for. I’d like to help that change.

Similarly to how I work with doulas on their contracts to make them their own based on their unique skills and needs, I hope to work with more families on forming solid nanny contracts and expectation documents. The focus will be on open and honest dialogue between nanny and family to hopefully increase the odds of having a safe, loving, transparent, and long-standing relationship.

Drafting and negotiating a nanny contract can be deeply intimidating, more so even when dealing with something so personal as who is caring for your children. I can help dispel some of the fear around expectations for in-home care and ease anxieties. Though we don’t often think of words like “mediation” and “negotiation” as BUILDING trust, if done well at the outset of a relationship, these conversations can spring this relationship into something mutually beneficial for the long run.

Here’s how it goes :

  • Em will meet with the nanny and family separately to go over goals, scope, schedule, nanny salary, and more

  • Em will draft a nanny contract between the two parties;

  • All three parties will meet* again to mediate / negotiate and discuss contract edits;

  • Additional hours and edits can be added as needed till everyone feels great about what’s been drafted;

  • Then the document is yours!

Prices start at $500. Contact me today to learn more about what a helpful tool this can be in starting off your childcare relationship on a positive and proactive foot.

Á la carte Nanny Contract Services

Contract Writing for Nannies

This service closely echoes what I do for birth workers. Sliding scale pricing starting at $100 for an individual nanny contract consultation and edit or $180 for drafting services. Learn more via this blog post on the considerations going into having a solid nanny contract of your own.

Contract Writing for Families

In depth drafting of nanny contract, supplemental agreement forms, and written plan for hiring requirements. Prices start at $350 for this package.

Short Term and / or Travel Nanny Contract

Editing or drafting existing contracts, addendum specific to travel or contract extension, etc. Prices vary, but may be $45 per hour for consultations or editing / $150-$500 for extended drafting packages and consultations.

Phone Consult on How to Hire a Nanny

I was a nanny for about 6 years total, worked in daycares and preschools for about 4 years, and have been a birth and postpartum doula for over a decade, so I have a good deal of knowledge when it comes to helping families navigate the tricky territory of how to find and hire a great in-home care provider. Happy to offer hourly consultations on this with no additional contractual commitment (so some of the perks of an agency, but giving you and the nanny more autonomy and control of the hiring process) for $45/hr.

*Virtual services available for families outside of the Bay Area.