Postpartum Consultations

 Postpartum Consultation

Being a first-time parent is tough stuff. There is so much information out there and it's hard to figure out who to trust, what style of parenting might fit your needs, and there's such a culture of anxiety and fear surrounding this process. It doesn't have to be that way.

This service is designed to help build confident, independent, strong parents of healthy and loving children. This starts at the process of conception, through pregnancy, and is deeply manifested in the first 12 weeks of your child's life. It's never too early to start thinking about how you can bring this new life into your family with ease and love while maintaining the core values of your life up to this point. 

This isn’t a newborn care class, but rather a true inventory of the knowledge and resources you have already, plus some guidance on what to expect in the first four months and how to set up your home, community, and budget for a smoother transition once your babe is earthbound. 

Some topics covered :

  • The first hours after birth

  • Birth recovery

  • Breastfeeding / bottle feeding basics

  • Basic infant sleep guidelines and expectations

  • Building your baby registry

  • How to access evidence-based research

  • New parent nutrition

  • Overstimulation and baby burn out

  • Postpartum mood disorders

  • How to hire a postpartum doula

  • Setting up positive expectations with care takers, family, and friends

Ideally, this service is provided in the late second trimester, but it’s possible to meet anytime in pregnancy into the first four months postpartum. 

There are two ways to access this support :

Preparation in Pregnancy Package: Two visits, each lasting two hours and will come with an in-depth resource packet. You will also have email access to me at anytime from our first visit through the first 12 weeks postpartum for additional questions, concerns, and resources. Additional visits can be added at the hourly rate of a returning client as listed above. 

Fee: $450

Consultations in the Fourth Trimester: Baby is here! And're lost/overwhelmed/oh crap! You're maybe not sure if you need or want more long term support and let's face it, help is expensive. This is where I can come in. This package will include two 2-hour visits within two weeks and can be started at any point within the first four months of your baby's life. You'll get the same resource packet and will have email access to me for the two weeks of our contract coverage. Additional visits can be tacked on at the hourly rate of a returning client as listed above. 

Fee: $380


Group Classes and Speaking Arrangements

Have a new parenting group and want to bring me in as a speaker to bond and save some bucks? Let's do it! I can meet with your group for up to 2 hours for a flat fee of $200. The group will get a PDF version of the resource packet that they can share within their group. 

Learn more about how this service can actually save you a ton of time, stress, and money here.



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