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Pregnancy Consultation Package

Congratulations! You're Pregnant! …okay, now what?

Most families only discover that the current model of obstetric care in the U.S. is sorely lacking in many key areas late in their pregnancy care. It’s only then that they start scrambling to find support, make new arrangements, and rush to try and stave off many of the normal (but stressful) potential complications that can arise only weeks before their little ones are due. When faced with lackluster care, they still feel overwhelmed, scared, alone and don’t know where to turn. They don’t know which things are options and which things are based in sound evidence. They may feel trapped in their current choices because of finances and insurance and can’t see a way out. Intervention rates are seeing an all-time high, leading to less safe, less evidence-based, less parent-centered, more expensive childbearing experiences.

Doulas are often the ones who see families at this late stage and see all too often folks pressured into sticking with sub-standard care. We seek to change that by meeting families earlier on in their pregnancies, taking in-depth and highly personalized care to show parents that there’s a better way. Or better yet, get them into appropriate care right from the get-go.

This care can start at any point in someone’s childbearing year, from early conception on to just weeks before birth. The ideal time to start is sometime in the late first trimester / early second trimester (between 12-18 weeks) to make this a 10-12 month relationship that continues into early parenting. 

These 2 hour visits will include:

  • An in-depth intake assessment (non-clinical) to get a picture of the type of care you are seeking and how we might best direct our support.

  • Individualized check-ins catered to your experience of the pregnancy process and what more you wish you knew.

  • Open and non-judgemental support through your options in pregnancy care and beyond.

  • Access to tailored articles, literature, and community resources that might best support your desires for pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

  • Helping you find the care provider, doulas, childbirth education and new parenting classes, and complimentary care providers right for you and your growing family.

  • What to expect and when — testing, screening, and getting access to your medical chart.

  • Whole-food focused nutritional education.

  • Support with writing a birth preferences plan.

  • Full session dedicated to shower registry and preparing your home for baby.

  • Emotional support for you and your partner.

  • Education and preparation for postpartum including :

    • Breastfeeding / Bottle feeding education

    • Birth Recovery

    • Infant Sleep Basics

    • Communication with family and friends about the postpartum period

    • Going back to work

    • Insurance coverage for doulas and childbirth education

    • Postpartum doulas, daycares, and nanny shares

if i don't know my options

There are two ways to access this support:

  1. The Childbearing Year Package includes 10 monthly (or bi-weekly, depending on the starting point of care) appointments for a flat rate of $1600**.

  2. Month-to-Month or One-Time visits can be scheduled and billed a la carte whenever you feel you want access to this kind of specialized care. Each two hour visit is billed at $180** and includes the complete intake assessment and 2 virtual follow-ups (email, phone, face time, text).

**These services are always offered on a sliding scale as well. Please note in your contact form if you are interested in filling out a self-reporting income form or to make an offer. Rosewood strives to support folks typically excluded from this sort of care and support and will find a way to provide support for you and/or offer a more appropriate referral where needed.