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Scroll down to learn more about these consultation services including : Gynecological Health Counseling for well person and issues around dis-ease like painful periods, PCOS, birth control options. Also listed on this page is information on Contract Writing Services for Doulas.


Rosewood is here to Guide you.

The following are just some of the services offered through Rosewood Consulting. We are open to a la carte services, one-time hourly consultations, last minute remote support through phone or email, and combined packages. No one should be left in the dark and we aim to be a guiding light in your path to better care. 

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Well Person Reproductive Health Consulting

Tired of painful periods or seemingly out of control PMS? Noticing hormonal changes as you're getting older and feel lost as to what to do? Not sure your birth control is the best one for you? Seeking more emotional support around your reproductive health experiences and options? Seeking high quality gynecological care? Want to have your yearly visit be inclusive of your whole health? Want doula-style compassionate and non- judgemental consulting on your options? Do you want to figure out the best type of provider for these services — Naturopathic Doctor, OBGYN at a clinic or in private practice, Midwife, etc.? Curious about what insurance covers “alternative” providers? Don’t have insurance and still want high-quality and compassionate care offered on a sliding scale or want options outside of your network and don't know where to turn? 

You don't have to wait till an emergency arises to seek out well person care. Too many folks receive no care out of fear, past bad experiences, or restricted access to providers. Having an objective and non-clinical support person help present you with more options, advice, and resources catered to your individual situation instead of a public health statistic can go a long way in keeping you coming back for your yearly visits and potentially avoid many of the common traumas and insecurities around your overall reproductive health. 

This is a fantastic service to provide for your child who is needing to transition from their pediatrician to a well person provider who does gynecological / reproductive testing and care. 

There are two ways to engage with this service:

  1. The Yearly Package includes: Two visits of 2-3 hours throughout the year (can be spaced out however best suits you), personalized informational packet and workbook, unlimited email support throughout the year, and emerging issue phone support*. Additional in-person visits can be added on when needed with a $5 per hour discount. $450 per year

  2. Hourly visits: Need a little extra support or just curious about this service? Book an hour session with Rosewood which will include a personalized information packet and workbook catered to your needs and guidance on resources available in our community that can best suit you. Rates are always sliding scale / pay what you can $25-45 an hour within the Oakland / San Francisco / Berkeley area or when done virtually. Some travel surcharges may apply if outside this geographic area.

*Emerging issues might be things like: suspected cyst rupture or miscarriage, new diagnosis of a chronic issue, issues around your body's acceptance of a new form of birth control, and other non-emergency reproductive situations. This service DOES NOT replace the need to contact your primary provider and will not offer clinical assesment, only emotional and educational support.

Dis-ease Reproductive Counselling

This service is ideal for folks who might have recently been struggling with issues like POCS, hormonal imbalances, painful periods, chronic vaginal infections, fibroids, and other on-going reproductive health issues.

Curious what modality of care is right to include in your management of these concerns? Want help finding high-quality research in the areas of treatment? Unsure how to find providers outside of your network? Don't have insurance and would like support on finding providers who are within your budget? Afraid of diving deep into care plans that waste your time and money? Frustrated with the lack of time, empathy, and resources your providers are offering and longing for more?

Similar to the way a doula can provide education, resources, and support in the childbearing year, having a reproductive health doula by your side after diagnosis can go a long way in saving you time, money, and stress while connecting you with the type of care that most suits your needs and health preferences. 

Rosewood consultants DO NOT make clinical assessments or offer treatment plans, instead, they help focus on the gaps our traditional reproductive health care system leaves in emotional and educational guidance. 

A typical package would include:

  • An initial 2 hour consultation and intake assessment

  • Email and phone support through your follow up visits with your primary care provider

  • The option of one-time accompaniment to a clinical visit with your primary care provider as a support person*

  • Up to three follow up visits lasting 2-3 hours within the first 6 months of your diagnosis

Package rate $650**

*Subject to approval by your care provider

**Sliding scale and payment plans always available.


 Many different options for editing, drafting, and workshops. This all can be done online, too! Still much more affordable than a lawyer and more hands-on and personal since it’s taught by a doula who’s been working for almost a decade.

Many different options for editing, drafting, and workshops. This all can be done online, too! Still much more affordable than a lawyer and more hands-on and personal since it’s taught by a doula who’s been working for almost a decade.

Doula Contract Editing and Writing

Private Consultations and Workshops

Just finished up a training and feeling lost as to how to begin your practice? Want a doula with nearly a decade of experience with a background in legal research to help you figure out your next steps? Are you an experienced doula who has been faced with a few too many frustrating hurdles? Wanting to shift your practice a bit? Want some guidance and overview of all of your business materials -- contracts, website, handouts -- to try and attract clients who better suit your practice style? 

One-on-one contract and basic business development consultations with Em include : 

  • 2 hours private consultation on fundamentals of drafting a contract and starting or improving your business, including: SEO tips, finding clients, costs of advertising, finding back up or partnering, forming a "brand," basic marketing skills, and staying true to your message.

  • Pre-review and edit of any existing documents

  • Email and phone follow ups after a newly drafted or edited contract has been made so you feel secure in whatever changes you've made

Small groups (2-4 doulas) receive a discount of $10 per person to meet collectively with Em for this service. 

If you're interested in starting a collective and/or agency, Em can help you with your materials from top to bottom with :

  • Independent Contractor Contracts

  • Doula-to-Doula Contracts (for back up agreements, etc.)

  • Client-to-Collective Contracts

  • HIPPA Standards

  • Collective Requirements

  • Sliding Scale and Volunteer Forms

  • Client Educational Resources Form Editing

  • Editing of Mission Statements and other existing materials

Do you run a doula group or training program and want to host me for a virtual or in-person workshop? So many amazing organizations and professional doula networks do a great deal to ready doulas for their roles as educators and support persons in birth and early parenting, but often have to rush through some business guidance and especially contract writing information. Em can come to your group, training, or do a virtual lecture on the basics of contract writing and solid business practices that keep both the doula and the client protected and in good communication from the start.